Sailor Fountain Pens at ink'd Pens

Sailor Fountain Pens at ink'd Pens


We at ink'd Pens are really excited to announce that we are starting to stock some of Sailor Pens fabulous fountain pens.

In 1911, Mr. Kyugoro Sakata, was introduced for the very first time to a fountain pen. The fountain pen was demonstrated by a British sailor who was visiting Japan at the time. Mr. Sakata was so impressed by the design and function that he made the decision there and then to produce equally fine products in Japan. To this day, the company he founded, Sailor still produces some of the finest quality fountain pens available anywhere in the world.

The Sailor fountain pens are famous for putting a beautiful 21kt gold nib on some of their fabulous pens.

To start with, we will be stocking some of The Sailor Professional Gear Slim Shikiori - Sound of Rain Series. The Sound of Rain series evokes the peace and grace of rain with the gentle matte colours of every season. This series is available in the Professional Gear Slim size, each with a 21K gold bi-colour nib for a flawlessly smooth writing experience. Spring Rain and Winter Rain are translucent, while Summer Rain and Autumn Drizzle are opaque, and all of them will transport you into a dewdrop garden or a rain-streaked window, where you can breathe in a moment of pure calm.

We hope that you are as excited as we are!

Signing off!

The ink'd Pens Team