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Ferris Wheel Press

Ferris Wheel Press - Blue Yosemite Falls Ink 38 ml

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Inspired by the rushing water of Yosemite Falls and the endless blue sky of Sierra Nevada, California, Ferris Wheel Press has created a fresh new blue to calm even the busiest of minds and channel your inspiration. Join Ms. Bear on the first stop of her cross-country road trip. Take a nature hike through the forest, and breathe in the crisp air of the mountain range, or if hiking isn’t your thing, pull up a chair beside the campfire and join us for a jovial round of campfire songs! We’ve bottled the feeling of the mountain air in hopes of inspiring your next bout of wanderlust!

Join us on a trek across the West Coast, from San Francisco to the beaches of Malibu, as we explore the beauty of the Sunshine State. Inspired by the natural beauty of the California landscape and the wild and free open road, we bring you three energetic and luscious colours: Blue Yosemite Falls, Golden Gate Glow, and Malibu Blush. We invite you to pen your next cross-country road trip adventure with the Dreaming in California Collection.

Ink Tone: True Blue
Characteristics: Clear, natural, calming