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Ferris Wheel Press

Ferris Wheel Press - The Fashion District Collection - Ink Charger Set

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Capturing the spirit of the historic fashion district in Toronto, the newest collection of ink colours from Ferris Wheel Press channels the artistry of the world’s greatest couturiers, and pays homage to the renowned streets that make up the fabric of this neighbourhood – Queen St., Bathurst St., and Spadina Ave.

Comprised of three new fresh spring tones, they draw inspiration from three classic fashion patterns and textiles. Express your creative self fully with this idyllic collection.

Available in the Ink Charger Set, with a beautifully designed 5ml charger for taking your favourite inks wherever you go.

Bathurst Blue Denim
Ink Tone: Medium acid-washed denim, sparkling silver
Characteristics: Light, hopeful, youthful, classic, rich

Spadina Rose
Ink Tone: Muted rose
Characteristics: Highly shaded, mature, demure, warm, floral, playful

Queen Allium
Ink Tone: Allium purple, sparkling gold
Characteristics: Feminine, refreshing, scintillating, fashionable