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Sailor Pro Gear Slim Shikiori 21K Gold Nib - Sound of Rain Series - Winter Rain

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The Sailor Professional Gear Slim Shikiori - Sound of Rain Series. The Sound of Rain series evokes the peace and grace of rain with the gentle matte colors of every season. This series is available in the Professional Gear Slim size, each with a 21K gold bi-color nib for a flawlessly smooth writing experience. Spring Rain and Winter Rain are translucent, while Summer Rain and Autumn Drizzle are opaque, and all of them will transport you into a dewdrop garden or a rain-streaked window, where you can breathe in a moment of pure calm.

Winter Rain - or Touu. Ice-cold winter rain, drops freezing on the branches, in the sky before dawn.

  • Nib: 21K Bi-Color Gold
  • Ink Cartridge Included